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Not compatible

It is not compatible to iOS 11 there fore I can not check my schedule in which it is affecting my job

Not cool

Since I’ve updated my iPhone to iOS 11 the app no longer works. I use this app for work. Please update the app!!


not letting me doing anything with this app. says needs to be updated by the developer... please fix the problem



Needs iOS 11 already!

I can Install it they need to update come on I need this app!!!!

Not letting me log in

This app does not work at all. Doesn't let you log in. I've tried deleting the app and reinstalling, but that does not work either. I try once a day to log in and it doesn't work. I really wish this app would work for once. Would save me several trips to work to check my schedule.

Worked for a while

This app was great we used it to report our time at work, then about a month ago it stopped working, they say that they are working to fix it but it has been a while I may as well delete the app.

Update Changes

Before the update I could view what time I punched in and out. This kept me safe so I could calculate accumulative time to avoid overtime. Now I feel like a lost duck. I think there should be an added functionality that shows accumulative time. Other than that I think the app does a good job at showing what my schedule is.


My only complaint is that as of today it keeps saying connection problems... Please fix!

Once Again, NOT WORKING.

I am so disappointed in this app. For something that is supposed to be such a great idea, it hardly ever works! Please update! I have to go to work everyday and check the schedule. Please fix!!!!

Does NOT work anymore!

Update phone and now it doesn't work. I used to love this app but since update it starts in 2010 and I wasn't with the company then. I also tried flipping 104 weeks of schedules to get to the right week and it was wrong too!!! PLEASE fix!!!!!

Doesn't work with iOS6

After the update the schedules are all messed up. It starts off in 2010 and skips around, and shows random hours that I didn't actually work. I loved this app before this, please fix it!

Great app

I love this app. It's always correct and saves me from having to go to work every week just to check my schedule.

Time saver!

Now I don't have to go all the way to work to check my schedule. It's right on my phone :) GREAT!

Not excellent

This app is glitchy and it sometimes doesn't even match my real schedule.

Great App!!!

I use this all the time for my job works great!!!

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